Annunciation - how it went

19/5/2015 This has been one of the most tantalising mysteries in the tangle of broken links - I can’t remember even where to start looking for the missing recordings here, but I’ll leave the post in case I figure it out. Also for the sequence for the Annunciation.

And here are the recordings - not as wonderful as I hoped. The microphone was behind us and picked up any tapping on the bench or the wooden floorboards. But it’s proof we sang it and people still said nice things about us after Mass.



I only started recording part way through the sermon, so there’s the Sanctus and Agnus Dei could be added.

And here are the booklets: pewbooklet.pdf I made this booklet for the congregation and left them all at home. The good part is that they are re-usable - ummm except if the Annunciation falls in Paschaltide.

At least I remembered to bring the choir booklets: propers.pdf

And for next year, maybe give this sequence a go: Missus Gabriel de celis/Gabriel, sent from heaven.

G’night everybody!

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