5th Sunday posta Pascha

Here is the plan:

Vidi Aquam: pdf available through CC Watershed’s Kyriale and finally here’s a recording of me singing it

Introit, Vocem jucunditatis as per Liber Usualis. Recording and pdf available Rene Goupil (scroll down to 5th Sunday after Easter)

Alleluia, modified version pdf mp3

Offertory, Benedicite gentes heavily psalm toned pdf mp3

Communion, Cantate Domino as per Musica Sacra’s Communio (scroll down to the list and pick Cantate Domino) Recording: mp3

Also, as a wild crazy reckless idea, Veni Creator, either chant as we have sung in the past, or alternate verses in 4 part harmony by Chanoine Couturier

Mass 1, Credo 1 as we have done before.

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