Easter, here we come

Okay! We have dates and venues!


  • 24 Holy Thursday Girraween (prob 7pm)
  • 25 Good Friday Girraween (3pm)
  • 26 Easter Vigil Mulgoa (8pm)
  • 27 Easter Day Lawson 10.30am

We have a Girraween Practice! St Patrick’s Day 17th March 7pm at the Girraween Oratory - be there!

We have a Lawson Practice! Palm Sunday 3.30pm at the meeting room at the Our Lady of the Nativity Church, Lawson - be there!

And for Easter, I’d better get back into the organ!

I was looking for photos to adorn this post, but I am hopeless at keeping photos. Unlike the Latin Mass Chaplaincy from Dublin with some great photos of their Easter Vigil.

Remember to bring something for after the Easter Masses - Holy Thursday and Good Friday are more sombre, but we break out all the party food at Easter.

God bless you! And if you can’t come, could you forward this on to someone who might consider the adventure.

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