Four Week Plan

Trailer Mass on the Christus Rex Pilgrimage

Just when we’re starting to get the hang of having Thursday night choir practice, a few big trips come up! Here are the plans for while we’re a bit short. It was great to put our heads together to come up with this plan.

18th Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday 13th October

Low Mass

  • Immaculate Mary
  • Ave Verum
  • Jesus My Lord, My God, My All
  • Help of Christians

19th Sunday after Pentecost

20th October

Sung Mass

  • Ave Verum
  • Adoro Te Devote
  • Hail Queen of Heaven

Christus Rex (Christ the King)

27th October

Low Mass

  • Crown Him with Many Crowns
  • O King of Might and Splendour
  • Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
  • Hail Redeemer

21st Sunday after Pentecost

3rd November

Low Mass (unless we get more servers and maybe someone to sing the Propers along with Patrick)

  • Help Lord the Souls which Thou hast Made
  • God of Mercy and Compassion
  • Jesus My Lord, My God, My All
  • The Lord’s My Shepherd

Then next choir practice should happen the 7th November 7pm. See you then!

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