Sacred Triduum, how it went

It was a sort of small scale Sacred Triduum this year. We were short of clergy - down to one priest, short of cantors - none really, but we managed to get through and it was sort of nice being low key and small.

The schedule:

> * Holy Thursday 6pm Girraween Oratory > > * Good Friday 3pm St Mary's, Mulgoa > > * Easter Vigil 7.30pm Girraween Oratory >

There were about half a dozen people in the choir including the two cantrices. Most were regulars at the Thursday night choir practice at Girraween - all welcome, please join! I was hoping to record more, but only managed to record Holy Thursday.

We started out singing from outside as the place was small and we thought it would be easier like that. That’s why you can here some traffic noise and the odd bird call.

[audio:] [audio:] [audio:] [audio:] Then we were asked to move indoors so we could be heard :) [audio:] [audio:] [audio:] [audio:] [audio:]

From the recordings you can hear we’re not great singers. It is probably a while before we’re releasing albums or anything like that. But we do get together and learn the chant - our musical heritage that every Catholic should be familiar with. A great way to pray with music.

Join us on Thursday nights at Girraween or nominate another night further west (maybe Woodford?).

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