Pentecost preparations

Stuff for Pentecost. Here is the event page with google map and all.

It is Sunday 27th May. It will be followed by a parish picnic at a Christian Brothers place further south along Mulgoa Rd.

It is the last chance for the year to sing Vidi Aquam

I’ll put in these possibly boring ones, but their visual side looks right. Youtube will no doubt supply lots of more interesting clips.

At the beginning of Mass: Vidi aquam:

Kyrie 1:

Gloria 1:

for the sequence between the Epistle and the Gospel: Veni Sancte Spiritus:

Maybe this is the chance to do Credo 2… probably the simplest of all.

Sanctus 1:

Agnus Dei 1:

for after Mass for the plenary indulgence (haven’t double checked that, but I’m pretty sure) Veni Creator Spiritus:

If youtube is overwhelming there’s always Antoine Daniel Mass Parts

And I think that covers it, except for the propers, which are beautiful, but can be psalm toned at a pinch.

I would like to practice these in person on the intervening Sundays (13 May and 20 May - before or after Mass) at Mulgoa or make another time to meet up. All these clips here are meant to be sung by the congregation too, so everyone can go over them and be able to join in from the pews on the day. But having a choir is important too - we have the choir at Girraween, but it is a bit of a stretch for me to get there - maybe they can be the Eastern choir and I can start a Western choir - East and West of Mulgoa that is. How’s my place at Woodford on Friday nights sound?

So, how to get in touch? Leaving a comment here is the most straightforward way. If you don’t want your comments to be visible then you can email me (veronica at or click “Sign Up” on the top bar and join the website and have a go at the BuddyPress features.

You don’t have to be Catholic to come. You can just come for the music. We probably won’t sound exactly like the monks from Domingos de Silo, but some find joining in the singing is even better than listening to the virtuosos - especially joining in quietly so you get this groundswell of dozens of voices in unison…

For booklets. You can find the propers here at the Institute of Christ the King. We may psalm tone much of what is in their booklets, but the Veni Sancte Spiritus and Veni Creator is in there and we will be doing them. The rest can be found at Antoine Daniel Mass Parts. Usually I make it easy for you and make an all in one pdf booklet, and I will try do that this time, but if you have a printer and want to start practising right away (you really do, don’t you?) then print what you can from these webpages.

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