Ave Maria

Amazing how hard it is to find a straight recording, but here it is:


For those with trouble viewing embedded youtube clips here is the straight link.

And the relevant page from A New Book of Old Hymns


And then once you’ve got that, you can check out a contemporary polyphonic elaboration here.

Our Lady Help of Christians is patroness of Australia and we celebrate the feast on 24th of May (next Thursday). The offertory antiphon is from the Ave Maria, so we can sing the Ave Maria as both offertory antiphon and bonus motet in one.

So, have a go, write back to say you’ve had a go so I can relax, even if you’re still rough. This is a Good One To Know.

The ordinaries would be from Mass 9 (cum jubilo) and I’ve been muttering about maybe doing Credo 2 for a change, which is much like Credo 1 except a little simpler. But depends who turns up, what the weather is like…

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