Precious Blood

For the feast of the Precious Blood, this Sunday 1st July:


And Rene Goupil doesn’t have recordings for this feast and neither does Luis Quiroz in Brazil, so here’s my interpretation of the Alleuia and Communion verse:

That’s all the bits from the Liber I’m game to go for this time. The introit is put to an introit psalm tone, offertory and gradual a basic psalm tone and the alleluia gets a slightly fancier tone.

The plan is to have Ubi Caritas as offertory motet and Ave Verum at Communion. Just the chant. I’ll bring the yellow books.

Also, Lulu is having a special this week only. Have a look at Veronica Brandt’s Books. Another good shop is Musica Sacra’s Books. Enter CHASE at checkout to save 20%. Although it is an American company, books are printed in Melbourne so the postage is not too scary.

And hopefully when this is posted it all the site’s subscribers will be notified by email.

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