Assumption - simple propers

Here are the plans for the feast of the Assumption:


Assump-01 Introit - Signum magnum Assump-02 Gradual - Audi, filia Assump-03 Alleluia - Assumpta est Assump-04 Offertory - Inimicitias Assump-05 Communion - Beatam me dicent

Ordinaries: Mass 9 and Credo 1.

This is a Holy Day of Obligation - we don’t have many in effect in Australia, so good chance to make the most of it!

Also some of the choir is away, so if you can hold a tune, please turn up early and join in the last minute practice. Also to decide on the Marian motets and the closing hymn!

We have a hymn for the Assumption in the hymnbooks: Who is She Ascends So High. If time permits I’ll put up another recording, but that link has a midi file which you should be able to hear.

Another latin hymn in the books is Virgo Dei Genitrix. And there’s always the chance to psalm tone the Magnificat - maybe with the communion antiphon either side?

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