O Esca Viatorum

Because I thought it was already in here, but couldn’t find it.

Sheet music: IMSLP174387-WIMA.bf36-esca Triple tracked recording: oescaviatorum

Maybe I was too shy to own up to the recording. If you can find a better, please comment.

English: O Food of men wayfaring, the bread of angels sharing, O Manna from on high! We hunger; Lord, supply us, nor thy delights deny us, whose hearts to thee draw nigh.

O stream of love past telling, O purest fountain, welling from out the Savior’s side! We faint with thirst; revive us, of thine abundance give us, and all we need provide.

O Jesus, by thee bidden, we here adore thee, hidden ‘neath forms of bread and wine. Grant when the veil is riven, we may behold, in heaven, thy countenance divine.oremus hymnal

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