First Sunday of Lent at Lawson

jesusindesertIf we’re keeping on going with the existing plan for a sung Mass once a month at Lawson, next Sunday will be a practice for the first Sunday of Lent.

This may sound crazy, but I think we can try the propers. The ones in the Liber.

Go hear them sung well:

We’ll probably still psalm tone the gradual and tract. Here it is. Yes, it’s a bit loooong. (not as long as last Sunday’s Epistle)

I’m trying to teach them to my family. We don’t have to have everyone sing them. I think it would be worth it.

Notice the words of the offertory and communion are almost identical, which argues for doing the proper chant - otherwise they will sound exactly the same.

Update: Here’s the plan sung by my son and me:





or watch the video:

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