23rd Sunday after Pentecost

We’ve hit the end of the Liturgical year!

Hoping for a sung Mass at Mulgoa. Sunday 16th November, 10.45am, practice from 9.30am, St Mary’s, Mulgoa.

Get your propers at ccwatershed’s Rene Goupil page - scroll right down to the bottom then up one.

23rd Sunday after Pentecost - the music may sound familiar as it repeats for all the Sundays from 23rd to however many are left at the end of the year.

Ora pro nobiZ is my attempt at a separate social media sort of thing. Theoretically it should be a way to delegate some of the organizing that goes into these things. Maybe even get some more music going.

Dicit Dominus - Thus sayeth the Lord, I think thoughts of peace, not of affliction

And the brilliant Communio - Amen dico vobis - Amen I say to you…

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