WWF and Mulgoa

Choir at WWF

Here I describe Two Plans:

  1. Regular monthly Sung Mass Sunday 9th August at Wentworth Falls
  2. First Communion Mass Sunday 16th August at Mulgoa

Both with Mass XI (eleven) also known as Missa Orbis Factor.

Both with Credo 1.

Sunday 9th August

11th Sunday after Pentecost

This is cut and paste from goupil chant

  • Introit Score Video Mp3 Deus in loco sancto suo
  • Gradual and Alleluia will be simplified down
  • Offertory Score Video Exaltabo te Domine - maybe simplified
  • Communion Score Video Honora Dominum

Sunday 16th August

12th Sunday after Pentecost

This is cut and paste from goupil chant

  • Introit: Deus in adjutorium meum intende Score Video Mp3
  • Gradual and Alleluia will be simplified
  • Offertory: Precatus est Moyses - this is a really long one, probably need to simplify it too.
  • Communion: De fructu operum tuorum Score Video Mp3

Special extra piece:

Panis Angelicus by Claudio Casciolini - another three part motet.

Here are some computer-generated recordings to help with learning the tune:

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