XX Post Pentecost

The next sung Mass for St Francis Xavier’s, Wentworth Falls is Sunday 11th October 5pm.

The day is the 20th Sunday after Pentecost.

Looking a little ahead, we’re also hoping to sing All Saints Day on Sunday 1st November and All Souls Day on the Monday at St Finbar’s, Glenbrook, so I’ll include that music in this month’s practice packets and keep it simple.

XX Post Pentecost (11th Oct)

All Saints (1st Nov)

all the propers except offerory pdf

All Souls (2nd Nov)

If you would like more chant mp3s, you might like to buy this Naxos album download

full propers pdf from the Institute of Chris the King

Quam olim - the refrain from the offertory

And here’s a short recording of how to sing this repeating part from the offertory from the Requiem Mass: my mp3

Hope that helps!

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