All Saints, All Souls

There are only two Sundays before All Saints Day and it would be good to run over some music at both, so, how about aiming to get to Wentworth Falls at 4pm on the next two Sundays to go through the music?

Also, as All Saints is a big feast day, how about a change from Mass XI? The other one we know well is Mass VIII (Missa de Angelis) which is very festive, so sounds like that’s a good way to go on short time.

Practice! Sunday 18th October (tomorrow) 4pm St Francis Xavier’s Wentworth Falls

Sunday 25th October (Christ the King and Fr Eugene’s Interfaith Celebration) 4pm St Francis Xavier’s Wentworth Falls

Here’s the plan again:

All Saints (1st Nov)

Introit, Gradual Alleluia and Communio in pdf and Offertory in pdf

All Souls (2nd Nov)

If you would like more chant mp3s, you might like to buy this Naxos album download

full propers pdf from the Institute of Christ the King

Quam olim - the refrain from the offertory

And here’s a short recording of how to sing this repeating part from the offertory from the Requiem Mass: my mp3

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