Dom Moreno's Adoro Te

Lately I’ve been scrounging up all the easy sacred music I can find.

The National Library of Australia has the gem - Moreno, S. (1928). Hymni eucharistici a liturgical collection of easy motets in honour of the Blessed Sacrament, for 2 and 3 female or boys-voices, with organ accompaniment.

One I recognise! Adoro Te - which features in Sensus Sacrorum by the de Souza Family Singers - it’s the second piece in this mp3. Yes, the album is delivered as one long mp3.

So, as the NLA estimates that the piece is Out Of Copyright, I have typed it up!

And here are the files:

This is probably out of copyright in Australia as we didn’t sign on to that 70 years after the death of the author until 2004. You should probably check the rules in whatever country you live.

Dom Moreno OSB was a monk, born in Spain, came to Western Australia to New Norcia, Australia’s only Monastic Village. He wrote hundreds of pieces of sacred music plus some notable Aussie secular music.

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