Eleventh Sunday Post Pentecost

Lawson choir practice today went well.

Lately I’ve been making all in one booklets for each plan, but getting lazier. This time, out of time, I fell back on Mass11Credo1 for the ordinaries - a great little booklet with the translation for everything.

But it’s the propers that change each week that usually take more effort, even though we just psalm tone them. This time we tried The Propers from the Gregorian Institute of Guam. They give the tune in a condensed notation then the words marked up by hand with dashes and daggers and underscores - it’s not child’s play, but turned out not that hard to sing from either.

So that’s the plan to this minute. Two more rehearsals to work out extras (like Ave verum, Anima Christi and/or Ubi caritas).

And for anyone in the area, choir practice is at 4pm on Sunday afternoons. All welcome.

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