Last minute prep for 10th Sunday after Pentecost

Last minute cold feet about reading off the Psalm toned Propers of the Gregorian Institute of Guam! And the Psalm Tone Tool is back in order at the Google Chrome app store thing.

So herewith are the propers of the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost:


I have just put in the asterisks for doing the solo inicipit thingy. I can’t remember which ones we did and didn’t do at practice, so I’ve put them all in.

Next trick, last minute propers for unconfirmed Sung Mass this Wednesday for St Mary of the Cross. For some strange reason I know the introit well (?!?!?) but none of the rest of the propers. Anyone else coming who knows the introit too? Vultum tuum, p1229 of the Liber Usualis. I don’t know the Alleluia either, but we can use another Alleluia - see p 1664 Liber Usualis - same mode, but much easier.

See you tomorrow!

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