Gaudete Sunday

Sunday 16th December 10.45am St Mary’s Mulgoa.

We almost got to sing this one last year. Let’s hope things come together better this year.

The plan so far:

  • Proper Introit and Communion.

  • Gradual and Alleluia as per Liber Brevior’s ‘easy’ parts.

  • Psalm toned offertory: PToffertory

  • Mass 17 (the one for Sundays in Advent and Lent

  • Credo 1

Theoretically that’s enough info for you to look everything up yourself.

If you have a Liber Brevior, then Mass 17 is on p 62, Credo 1 p 66, proper propers p 125, easy propers p [3].

If you have a Liber Usualis, then Mass 17 is on p 60, Credo 1 p 64, proper propers p 334, and the easy propers you can get the hang of because you are smart enough to have your own Liber Usualis!

Libers available from Fraternity Publications or by free download from Musica Sacra.

Or you can get the propers from Rene Goupil or the Institute of Christ the King and the ordinaries from CC Watershed.

Or I’ll put together this booklet with it all in one place: propers.pdf

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