was going to be Divine Mercy Sunday

I’ll leave this up in case it helps anyone else preparing for Divine Mercy Sunday, but our choir has swapped for a prine-time Easter Sunday Mass! I can’t remember the exact time but I think it was 10.30am.

I’ll start a new post and the rest is old news now.

Also known as Quasimodo Sunday, Dominica in Albis, First Sunday after Easter and now Divine Mercy Sunday - we’re singing it!

Introit: Quasi modo - crave as newborn babes pure spiritual milk If you have 99c to spare, you might like the 22nd track on this album, Graduale Project: Year One. You can listen to it on youtube. (there are two Alleluias - what do you reckon? should we tackle one? Or both even?) Offertory: Angelus Domini here on youtube sung by a ladies choir - way up high in the sky. Communio: Mitte manum tuam here sung by a solo Polish man - nice pitch for us.

Or there are the old dependable sources of recordings:

Suggested extras:

  • Regina Caeli

  • O Filii et filiae

  • Crown Him with many crowns

  • Jesus Christ is risen today

  • Jubilate

  • Through the Red sea brought at last

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