Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday Day Mass at Lawson.

About 10.30am - but I need to check that - I’m going from memory.

Here are the Brazillian recordings

Here is the sheet music to print

Introit: Resurrexi Gradual: Haec Dies - great one this - we’ll do the proper proper this time Alleluia: Pascha Nostrum - tempted to psalm tone this one because there’s also… Sequence: Victimae Paschali Laudes - you need to learn this! Offertory: Terra tremuit Communion: Pascha nostrum

And Mass 1 - Lux Origo - the Paschaltide Mass. Credo 1. This is the same as my former post for Divine Mercy Sunday.

And lots of party food after!

So, your order of learning things is: Mass 1 Credo 1 you know already Victimae Paschali Laudes - one note per syllable, practically easy. Introit, Resurrexi

and if you get that far, you are doing brilliantly!

I almost forgot the extras! Regina Caeli, O Filii et Filiae, Through the Red Sea, Alleluia Sing to Jesus, By your Kingly Power o Risen Lord - what would you like?

I think this warrants booklets for the congregation - what do you think?

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