Advent and Christmas 2015

I’m putting together CDs for those with difficulty accessing the internet (and who aren’t reading this)

For all the rest of you wonderful people out in the interwebs, here’s a list to keep you up to speed:

Gaudete Sunday - 13th December

You can find the psalm toned bits in this booklet from last year. It uses the Ordinary for Advent and Lent - which is one of the easiest ones to learn, but as Gaudete is sort of an upbeat Advent Sunday we can go with Missa de Angelis - plus it’s better known and good to practice for Christmas.

Plus Extras for Advent wonderfulness:

Midnight Mass - 24th/25th December at Mulgoa at actual midnight

Plus Extras for Christmastide jubilation:

Christmas Day - 25th December - maybe Lawson, maybe Wentworth Falls, maybe a stable somewhere in between?

(see above for extra Christmas jubilation)

So, there you have it. Turns out it is rather a lot to learn. But all worthwhile.

Please share with anyone who might enjoy the music. You never know who might really enjoy singing this with us.

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