Salvete flores martyrum

Just had a request for a recording and may as well add it here in case anyone else can use it.

And this is one case where I have a minor disagreement with a note in the Liber Usualis, so I’ll take the hymn as typed in the Liber Usualis and edit it slightly to the way I would sing it.

The difference is in the way to handle elisions. The Liber adds extra puncta, but I’m used to letting the extra vowels merge into the next vowel so as to keep the same rhythm. So I’ve modified the gabc a little to reflect that. And added a translation from J M Neale:

ALL hail! ye infant Martyr flowers
Cut off in life’s first dawning hours:
As rosebuds snapt in tempest strife,
When Herod sought your Saviour’s life.

You, tender flock of lambs, we sing,
First victims slain for Christ your King:
Beneath the Altar’s Heav’nly ray,
With Martyr Palms and Crowns ye play!

For their redemption glory be,
O Jesu, Virgin-born, to Thee!
With Father, and with Holy Ghost,
For ever, from the Martyr Host!


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