Lent Cometh

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Lent is a fantastic time to start again with simpler music.

Dates for Our Lady of the Nativity, Lawson:

  • Sunday 7th February - practice 3pm
  • Sunday 14th February (1st Sunday of Lent) Sung Mass with practice 3pm, Mass 5pm
  • (two weeks off)
  • Sunday 6th March - practice 3pm
  • Sunday 13th March (Passion Sunday) Sung Mass with practice 3pm, Mass 5pm
  • Sunday 20th March - practice 3pm
  • Sunday 27th March (Easter Sunday!) Sung Mass with practice - times to be advised - last year Mass was around 10am

Yes, that’s a lot of practices. I don’t expect everyone to make every practice, but if you can let me know what you will aim for then I can prepare around that.

I haven’t listed the Sacred Triduum Masses here as they will probably be down at Girraween and Mulgoa. You are more than welcome to join in there too!

Let’s start with the easiest stuff - the decorations.

Parce Domine

Grab the sheet music and listen

(there’s some spoken italian at the beginning, introducing himself and his choir, then the first antiphon sung solo, then “tutti ripetono” = everyone repeats)

Attende Domine

Sheet music here

And a video below:

Mass 17

There are about 18 Gregorian chant settings of the Ordinary parts of the Mass - that is, the Kyrie (Lord have mercy), Sanctus (Holy, Holy Holy) and Agnus Dei (Lamb of God). Most also include the Gloria, but that is left out in Lent.

Mass XVIIAdvent & Lent    Complete Score (PDF)
    Kyrie A •  Score (PDF)  •  Organist (PDF)  •  Video  •  Mp3 (a)  •  Mp3 (b)
    Sanctus  •  Score (PDF)  •  Organist (PDF)  •  Video  •  YouTube (1)  •  Mp3 (a)  •  Mp3 (b)
    Agnus  •  Score (PDF)  •  Organist (PDF)  •  Video  •  YouTube (1)  •  Mp3 (a)  •  Mp3 (b)

(that’s cut and paste from the St Antoine Daniel Kyriale)

And we’ll go with Credo 1 as usual - score, mp3 (a), mp3 (b)


The propers are the special pieces that are unique to each Sunday - the Introit, Gradual, Offertory and Communion. It seems like a tall order to learn all that chant for each week, but there are familiar patterns after a while. These are usually the most ancient pieces of music.

1st Sunday of Lent
 Introit • ScoreVideoMp3Organist • Invocabit me et ego exaudiam eum
 Gradual • ScoreVideoMp3Organist • Angelis suis mandavit de te
Tract • Qui habitat in adjutorio Altissimi This is an especially long one, so we'll psalm tone it. this sheet music gives 3 versions - just print the first three pages - the first two settings are identical as far as I can see, but we'll take the first one.</span>
 Offertory • ScoreVideoMp3Organist • Scapulis suis obumbrabit tibi Dominus
 Communion • ScoreVideoMp3Organist • Scapulis suis obumbrabit tibi

(that’s cut and paste from Gregorian Propers - St Rene Goupil Gradual)

So, that’s it! It does look like a lot at first, but see what you can listen to, become familiar with, starting at the top. Remember the choir’s special parts are the propers and the rest is designed to be sung by the whole congregation.

I keep forgetting to put in the Asperges, but we sing them every time, so you get lots of practice. For newbies, check out Asperges Me from the top of this page

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