Missa de Angelis

Gearing up for Christmas!!!

A quick refresher on the Ordinaries we have planned: Mass 8 or Missa de Angelis and Credo 3

Easiest way is for me to point you to the CCWatershed’s Kyriale Page which has videos, pdfs, mp3s for all the Masses and Credos, just need to scroll along to the right ones.

Otherwise, here is a rather beautiful video with Kyrie and Gloria, (then some fragment of something else) Sanctus (a Great Amen to the tune of the Sanctus??) and Agnus Dei, Ite missa est/Deo gratias.

Then all you need is Credo 3 (which I have had fun playing on the piano, so hopefully will be able to accompany it on the night/day)

I think that should do it.

God bless you, especially for this last dash end of Advent!

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