July 2016

Veronica at the keyboard

Free Gregorian Chant Workshop

Again we’re offering a short 1 hour workshop in Gregorian Chant. There are a number of options available depending on your experience with reading music and singing. Contact me for more details.

The agenda, depending on ability, ranges from the easier hymns:

  • Veni Creator
  • Adoro te devote

a revision of the Sunday ordinaries from Missa Orbis Factor and Credo 1

  • Kyrie
  • Gloria
  • Sanctus
  • Agnus Dei

to the propers for the following Sunday:

  • Suscepimus, Deus - a typical mode 1 introit - a great intro to chant
  • Gustate et videte - taste and see - a mode 3 communion antiphon
  • A mode 7 Alleluia - the day’s one is not familiar to me, so might substitute a known tune to make things easier.
  • Populum humilem - the offertory antiphon for the day - same mode as the well known simple Salve Regina so has a familiar sound.

Looking ahead

With a new baby on the horizon, it’s worth mapping out the upcoming second Sundays of the month to give some idea of what to expect.

  • July 10 : 8th Sunday Post Pentecost (propers outlined above)
  • August 14 : 13th Sunday Post Pentecost
  • September 11 : 17th Sunday Post Pentecost
  • October 1 : Saturday, wedding of Jessica and Gerard Smith at Rouse Hill. Low Mass with hymns. They have requested Veni Creator (the Couturier one if possible) and Adoro Te.
  • October 9 : 21st Sunday Post Pentecost
  • November 13 : 26th (2nd last) Sunday Post Pentecost - the last few Sundays of the year all use the same propers (Dicit Dominus), so this should be easier
  • December 11 : Gaudete Sunday! (aka 3rd Sunday of Advent) - we should know this one.
  • December 25 falls on a Sunday this year - we usually have a midnight Mass somewhere - I remember last year at Mulgoa singing by candle-light. Very beautiful but a little challenging on the technical side.

The baby is due early September, so looking for ways to simplify Masses around that time.

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