Lawson Sung Masses

Our Lady of the Nativity Catholic Church, Lawson has had a Latin Mass every Sunday at 5pm for decades. With a growing interest in Gregorian chant, we have two sung Masses each month. Other Sundays are Low Masses with hymns.

The usual schedule on the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month:

  • Practice 3.30pm
  • Exposition 4pm
  • Benediction 4.40pm
  • Mass 5pm
  • Evening tea postponed - you’re welcome to come for pizza at our place in Woodford.


  • 6 - Transfiguration: Illuxerunt coruscationes tuae
    • Missa de Angelis
    • Jesu dulcis memoria
  • 20 - 11th Sunday after Pentecost: Deus in loco sancto suo
    • Missa Orbis Factor
    • Virgo Dei Genetrix


  • 3 - 13th Sunday after Pentecost: Respice, Domine
    • Missa Orbis Factor
    • Dona nobis pacem
  • 17 - 15th Sunday after Pentecost: Inclina, Domine, aurem tuam
    • Missa Orbis Factor
    • Ave Maria


  • 1 - 17th Sunday after Pentecost: Justus es, Domine
    • Missa Orbis Factor
    • Veni Creator Spiritus
  • 15 - 19th Sunday after Pentecost: Salus populi ego sum
    • Missa Orbis Factor
    • Christus vincit


  • 5 - 22nd Sunday after Pentecost: Si iniquitates observaveris
    • Missa Orbis Factor
  • 12 - 24th Sunday after Pentecost: Dicit Dominus
    • Missa Orbis Factor


  • 3 - 1st Sunday of Advent: Ad te levavi animam meam
    • Mass XVII
    • Conditor alme siderum
  • 17 - 3rd Sunday of Advent: Gaudete in Domino
    • Mass XVII
    • Rorate caeli
  • Monday 25th - Christmas - details to be announced

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