Three part motets

For an update on simpler polyphonic pieces.


Panis Angelicus Casciolini or Baini - this is the modernish one. Greg’s choir has an older one.

Jesu Rex Admirabilis Palestrina - this is an awesome, must have piece for every choir

Ametur - easy 3 part motet in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Australian MSC priest.

O Sanctissima 3 part arrangement attributed to Beethoven

Canons (also known as Rounds)

Tantum Ergo The one Fr Popplewell taught at the legendary BXVI Homeschool Camp of 2017.

Jubilate Attributed to Michael Praetorius

Non nobis Domine This is the one I learned before the better known and very similar Da Pacem Domine.

Magnificat - transcribed from students memories

Other stuff I haven’t tried yet

I keep coming across so many more pieces that I’d love to try one day, so I’ll add these ones in here for the future.

Ravanello’s 3 part motets written for small choirs

Kevin Allen’s 3 part motets (I bought the book from Lulu - 3 copies, but there’s a hurdle learning new stuff, even though this link has practice recordings)

Morales Alleluia

Richard Dering was a composer in the court of King Charles and he wrote Cantica Sacra for 2 and 3 voices with Basso Continuo. I’m in the process of getting my head around what Basso Continuo means - I get the impression it’s the base for an organ improv accompaniment thing. Anyway, this could be a source of more pieces.

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