Next bundle of Masses at Mulgoa

Wed 12th September: Holy Name of Mary (Introit Vultum tuum, like we did for St Mary of the Cross, Offertory Ave Maria, Communion: Beata Viscera which sounds very familiar. Mass 9. No Credo! (it’s only a 3rd class feast)

Fri 14th September: Exaltation of the Holy Cross or St Benedict’s, Sao Paolo. Introit and Gradual from Holy Thursday. Mass 4.

Sun 16th September: 16th Sunday after Pentecost - see Rene Goupil or St Benedict’s Sao Paolo. Mass 11.

So, who’s up for what? Starting now we should be able to do a fair bit out of the Liber. But it’s quite okay to pace yourself and only take on what you can. But if I know now it helps - my blood pressure if nothing else.

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