Gregorian Chant Hymns

The Adoremus Hymnal mp3s

Fixed 2017/2/26 - Cant Greg at from a monastery in Sao Paolo, Brazil including selected hymns

CC Watershed’s collection of propers

CC Watershed’s collection of ordinaries (kyriale)

And this one for when I’m making CDs Paper CD Case

Sheet music

My page here on hymnbooks and sheet music

Windsor reading sheets for priests

(see also CC Watershed’s links under recordings)

Institute of Christ the King - Propers and Kyriale

Richard Rice’s Communion Antiphons with verses

There’s a whole lot of stuff at Musica Sacra’s collection of chant books including the scanned in 1961 Liber Usualis.

CC Watershed has a Liber Usualis with English Translations (aka Mass and Vespers, 1957)

Gregorio Chant Wiki



My page here on hymnbooks and sheet music

A New Book of Old Hymns

Veronica’s books at Lulu


Office of Papal Liturgies

Every now and then I find something I’d like to try.

Verdelot, Sit Nomen Domini BVenedictum with practice videos

Kevin Allen’s work all of it - the motets for 3 voices seem like a good place to start.

Easy 2-3 part motets, Fr Moreno - O Salutaris, Anima Christi, that Adoro Te, - I have to type these up!

Hugh Henry has lots of great stuff.

Organ sheet music

Adapted from Nova Organi Harmonia using Lilypond and transposed down for the people who say they can’t sing that high. The little lilypad icon indicates lilypond source files.

Adoro Te or in English Godhead here in hiding

Sing my tongue with people’s chant version: Sing my tongue

O salutaris

Conditor alme



  • Soul of my Saviour
  • Firmly I believe to the tune Omni Die. Usually in Australia it is sung to a tune by Edward Elgar, but this alternative was heard at Maternal Heart church, Lewisham. I think it is from the New Westminster Hymnal as there is a similar setting in the Old Westminster Hymnal.
  • O salutaris the metric tune by Samuel Webbe.
  • Firmly I believe same tune as above but with a simplified left hand with verses alternating between chords and the bass voice. If that sounds confusing, see for yourself.
  • Praise to the Lord
  • Hail Queen of Heaven
  • Glory be to Jesus the left hand had some spans of over an octave so I’ve transposed the bass line from the original to make it easier to play.

The lilypond source files can be downloaded from Draft Traditional Hymnbook at Sourceforge.

Choir music