Monday 2nd February St Finbar’s Catholic CHurch Levy St Glenbrook Mass 10.30am Practice 9.30am

Sheet music for procession from Institute of Christ the King

Distribution of candles: Lumen ad revelationem gentium download mp3

Procession: Adorna thalamum

(possibly another antiphon Responsum accepit Simeon, but I haven’t learnt it yet) Obtulerunt (for re entering the church) download mp3

Then Mass.

Also, just in case, there’s a simple version of Ave Maris Stella: here’s the sheet music for mode 7 Ave Maris Stella from the Institute of Christ the King download mp3

Another hymn which seems appropriate is Conditor Alme Siderum. I’ve done this tune with the little kids at Providence in the past, though I don’t think I used the Latin words. The tune is very simple though.

Lastly, this Antiphon to Our Lady would be handy to have under everyone’s belts:

Update: it will be a Sung Mass!

In the past we’ve sung Mass 9 (Mass IX Cum Jubilo) for feasts of Our Lady. If not, then probably the good old Missa De Angelis which most everyone knows. Scores and recordings available here

The Introit is a classic Mode 1 thing. It’s all do-able.

So - for learning the music, there are levels.

  1. Ordinaries - Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei - everyone should know these

  2. Ave maris stella - this is an extra hymn to have just in case - it is from Vespers for feasts of Our Lady - might be able to sing it on the procession, or maybe during the Offertory (especially if we psalm tone the proper offertory antiphon)

  3. Procession - it would be good to have some joining in happening here - Lumen ad revelationem, Adorna, and the Sicut bit from Obtulerunt

  4. Propers - these are the province of the choir - there are some theories that the congregation used to sing them in medieval times when people generally sang along all day at work, at parties, at rest, and had fantastic memories, but generally I wouldn’t expect people to learn propers unless they were in the choir. I won’t link to the propers here, going by the theory, if you don’t know where to find them, then you’re probably better off concentrating on the Ordinaries, Ave Maris Stella and the Procession.

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