On Binders

Watching this post gets me thinking about our current folder situation.

During rehearsals I find the light reflects off the plastic sleeves, making it hard to read. Also, for all those times we need to make notes on the page it is a little awkward to shuffle the pages.

And speaking of shuffling pages - it is very cumbersome to re-order the music at the moment.

How about I go crazy and get half a dozen three ring binders like this? I like how they have space for a name on the spine, though I guess this wouldn’t be critical, but kinda handy to know who has what.

Right now we have about 7 folders, but only five of them are here with me ready to be set up for June’s practice.

I do have a lot of manilla folders right now - I wonder if they would be good enough for the job? Ring binders would be better, though I wouldn’t be able to fit them in my bag.

Thoughts? (hopefully disqus is working and you can comment below)

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