Sacred Heart Motet

Here it is, the easy 3 part motet written by Australian priest, Fr Tom Luby M.S.C.


More about it in this post on the Musica Sacra Forum

For your practice purposes I have painstakingly prepared a plethora of mp3s:

Thank you Hugh Henry, for sharing the music.

Thank you Patrick for your help in making these recordings.

The 14th June

This is in readiness for the next Sung Mass at Lawson - or more likely Wentworth Falls at this stage.

The propers are available in mp3 format at Rene Goupil Scroll down to the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost and look for the Introit starting with Respice.

The Alleluia is a doozy, but see how we go.

See you on Sunday 7th June!

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