August is Assumption time

So, we have the feast of the Assumption on Monday 15th August 2016. The Parramatta FSSP plans for two Masses that day: 10.30am at St Finbar’s, Glenbrook and 7pm St Mary’s Mulgoa. Veronica Brandt is aiming for a Missa Cantata in the morning at Glenbrook.

And our regular 2nd Sunday of the month sung Mass at Lawson on Sunday 14th August 2016. If you can make practice about 3pm, then you can sing with us 5pm.

Practice recordings and printables at ccwatershed/goupil

13th Sunday after Pentecost - 5pm Lawson

Introit: - Respice, Domine, in testamentum tuum - Have regard, O Lord, to thy covenant

Gradual: same words as Introit, but we’ll psalm tone it.

Alleluia: ccwatershed’s book uses a common mode 8 tune which we know well.

Offertory: In te speravi - In thee I have trusted - mode 2, should be manageable, but Introit and Communion take priority.

Communion: Panem de caelo - bread from heaven - we’ll sing this one a few times with verses

Assumption - Monday 15th August 10.30am Glenbrook

Introit: Signum magum apparuit in caelo! I great sign appeared in heaven!

Gradual: Audi, filia, et vide - listen daughter, and see - probably psalm tone this one.

A really cool Alleluia - a tune ascending do re mi fa so la la so… we might even manage the full verse!

Offertory: Inimicitas ponam inter te et mulierem - I will place enmities between thee and the woman - could go either way - it’s short enough to be manageable and mode 2 antiphons are usually pretty good to get the hang of.

Communion: Beatam me dicent - I shall be called blessed - We’ll sing this one a few times over.

So, first learn Communion, then Introit, then Alleluia, then Offertory.

So, those are my plans for August. Then I’ll disappear for a while and wait for this baby to make an entrance. Then who knows?

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