Christmas 2016

Midnight Mass at Mulgoa

Midnight at St Mary’s 1262 Mulgoa Road, Mulgoa NSW. At Midnight. With candles. Lots of candles. Torches for the choir hopefully - and the organ :)

Plus Extras for Christmastide jubilation:

and the Day Mass at Lawson

10.30am - hopefully giving Fr Leung time to get all the way up to Lawson in time. Quietest Christmas Mass ever - which is either a pity or a boon depending on your point of view.

The regular parish Christmas Mass is beforehand, so if you see lots of cars, don’t worry, they’ll be clearing out soon. There’s usually some parking down Somers St or even go back on the highway and find Mary St round the other side of the Santa Maria centre and all that.

Extra ambitious piece for future reference:

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