Ready for the Big 4?

“It should be Big 3, surely?”

But Big 4 is a caravan park franchise and I’m doing Easter Sunday Day Mass as well as the usual Triduum, so we’ll leave it as Four, OK?

And there’s more than the Triduum.

Holy Week Schedule

Download the Holy Week Schedule HERE

First Friday

6 April, Mulgoa 7pm

Palm Sunday

Sunday 9th April, Mulgoa 10.45am

as well as 3.30pm Choir Practice at Lawson.

Holy Thursday

Thursday 13th April, Girraween 7pm

Good Friday

Friday 14th April, Girraween 3pm

Easter Vigil

Saturday 15th April, Mulgoa 8pm

Easter Sunday

Sunday 16th April, Lawson 10.30am

This is what Easter means to me.

Then we’re going on “Retreat” for a week.

Then it’s theoretically back to school - ha, ha, ha.

I’m dabbling in promoting these to The Repleatur Facebook Page. It seems there’s a fair bit of ongoing care and feeding to actually make a facebook page work. Getting a posse of dedicated people to keep visiting the page and liking everything might help.

I’m sure there were other things to add.

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