Gesima time!

So, some unsuspecting newbies expressed an interest in joining the choir so I’m back to posting information on what to practise ready for next Sunday at Lawson!

Next Sunday is Sexagesima, or Sunday in Sexagesima. Sexagesima is Latin for 60th - so it’s roughly 60 days to go until Easter. Last Sunday was Septuagesima, which means 70th. We don’t have 10 days in a week, so the numbers are a bit fudgy, and probably include Sundays, whereas Quadragesima (or 40th) or Lent itself counts 40 days not including Sundays.

No matter how you count it, we have Music to prepare!

  • Kyrie
  • Sanctus
  • Agnus Dei
  • Ave Regina Caelorum
  • Asperges

Five dot points, maybe aim for tackling one each weekday - Monday-Friday.

In the ‘gesimas, we gently transition into Lenten music. We drop the Gloria, but we stick with the regular Missa Orbis Factor mass setting. So, just for next Sunday you have three pieces to learn! Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus Dei

You can find all the sheet music at Corpus Christi Watershed’s Kyriale Page.

And the Credo - we do Credo 1 most of the time. Practically all the time. So you’re going to learn it.

The sheet music is also available on the Corpus Christi Watershed’s Kyriale Page.

And one extra piece of Gregorian Chant is the Ave Regina Caelorum. There are four Marian Antiphons - short pieces of music in honour of Our Lady

Sheet music is available at Gregobase.

And, I almost forgot. A Sunday Sung Mass starts with the Asperges.

The sheet music, and some recordings are available on the Corpus Christi Watershed’s Kyriale Page.

Then, at the end of Mass, I’m thinking of finishing with Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All.

There are other little bits we sing during Mass, like Et cum spíritu tuo and Deo grátias, but I think you generally get the hang of those bits. Maybe that’s something to make a video about in the future.

See you on Sunday!

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