Ascension - last minute stuff

Here’s the booklet for the congregation: pewsheet

Veni Creator

Bernini's Holy Spirit

Sunday after Ascension

I’ve got Folders for the choir this time. All the music will be in order in the display books, seven copies.

Proofs have arrived!

The Mass Book New samples of the Mass Book[/caption] The two new proof copies are in front. The older, darker version is behind. I got one spiral bound to see how it looked. The spiral is very big, but it is handy to have it lie flat. In the past I have found the spiral bound books tend to fall apart with heavy wear, but maybe a handy option for more careful choir members.

New Sign at Lawson!


Good Shepherd Sunday at Lawson

Here’s the congregation’s booklet for tomorrow.

Motets for this Sunday at Lawson


Second Sunday after Easter at Lawson

Jesus-Good-Shepherd-04Using Benjamin Bloomfield’s Psalm Tone Tool again, we have propers for the Second Sunday after Easter - all done to Psalm Tone 2D - the one formerly used on Rene Goupil before its recent makeover.

The Big Week!

eccelignumHere’s the schedule:

Laetare Sunday at Lawson

Here’s the latest draft for tomorrow night’s sung Mass: test