End Again

The End is Nigh

It’s that time of year when the awesome “Dicit Dominus” propers come around and there’s a little buzz of anticipation of Advent and Christmas.

Firstly, a big THANK YOU to all who helped with the Sung Masses for All Saints and All Souls Days - it was great to be able to pull them together so quickly. Hopefully more Sung Masses at Mulgoa on the horizon - there’s the feast of the Immaculate Conception coming up on the 8th of December…

But back to the regular preparations:

Next Sung Mass is Sunday 13th November

It’s still a regular Sunday, so we’ll have the regular Sunday ordinary Mass 11 (Missa Orbis Factor) and Credo 1.

Now for the propers (cutting and pasting from 2013)

The end of the Liturgical Year brings a few sundays sharing the same propers.

Here is the first hash of the propers - Introit and Communion the same, Gradual, Alleluia and Offertory psalm toned. gregorio527484be312866.63954514

Here are the recordings:

Introit: Dicit Dominus Download

Gradual Download

Alleluia Download

Offertory: Download

Communion: Amen dico vobis Download

If you’d like to join us you can rsvp: veronica@brandt.id.au or 0407 887 637 or turn up for practice 3.20pm on Sunday 11th December - they have Benediction before Mass which I like to catch, so that’s why the practice time seems a bit early.

Ideally everyone in the congregation joins in the Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei. And there’s usually a well-known hymn at the end.

Next on the horizon is Gaudete Sunday on 11th December 5pm Lawson and then Christmas - going from previous years there’s a good chance of a midnight Mass at Mulgoa and then a day Mass at Lawson. The day Mass is a particularly quiet one - if you would like to avoid the crowds and enjoy a reverent, peaceful time, this is the one to get to! It will be in the morning too - much more family friendly than the usual 5pm slot.

God bless you,


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