21st Sunday after Pentecost

Going with the plan for a sung Mass on the third Sunday of the month, our next Sung Mass is on the 21st of October, the 21st Sunday after Pentecost.

Normally we try sing the proper introit and communion antiphons, but this particular Mass is a bit long, and some of us are gearing up for the Christus Rex Pilgrimage, and then there’s All Saints and All Souls once we get back, so…


So the only tune there we have to learn is the Alleluia - which may be a little familiar to you.

You can find a recording of the Alleluia here: 21st Sunday after Pentecost from Brazil.

The rest is all psalm toned, one way or another. I’m sort of reluctant to let them go, but then it’s time to turn to All Saints and All Souls and that will be all special. Though probably still go with the Liber Brevior’s easier gradual and alleluia for All Saints, and a psalm toned Offertory. But All Souls’ we can do the lot.

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