Christmas 2017

Veronica here, writing from a Lawson-centric perspective.

1st Sunday done - thank you to Ilona and Kevin and Patrick

2nd Sunday - watch out for St Nicholas after Mass

3rd Sunday - Gaudete! A Sung Mass at Lawson

4th Sunday - Christmas Eve! Mass at 11.30am at Lawson

Christmas Day - Mass at 10.30am at Lawson.

So, the two sung Masses are 5pm 17th and 10.30am 25th and we could use some more singers. We also need extra practices before the Christmas Mass. Bump in time is only 30 minutes, so any serious music practice will need to occur at another time and place.

We have lots of music to choose from for Christmas, lots of 4 part pieces, but many of our regulars have other commitments that day, so our already small choir will be very slim on one of the biggest feast days of the year! Ring 0407 887637 to explore how to join in.

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