Dec 2017 to Feb 2018

Firstly, St Mary’s Catholic Church, Mulgoa

Check out a beautiful lineup for Christmas at Mulgoa

Looking ahead we have Plans for Mulgoa January and February 2018

Secondly, Our Lady of the Nativity Church, Lawson

Plans for Lawson are less detailed :

  • Gaudete Sunday 17th December 5pm
  • Christmas Day 25th December 10.30am
  • Holy Family 7th January 5pm
  • 3rd Sunday after Epiphany 21st January 5pm
  • Sexagesima 4th February 5pm
  • First Sunday of Lent 18th February 5pm

At Lawson we sing the propers and ordinaries from the Liber Usualis, though we often psalm tone the Gradual and the Alleluia verse for the Sunday.

We like to sing some polyphony when we have the voices. Extra Gregorian chant hymns also provide extra music for the Mass. Mass usually concludes with an English hymn.

The remaining Sundays have Low Masses - the differences between Low Masses and Sung Masses are interesting - they both have different similarities to the regular English Masses, and both have music. Both take about an hour, though a Sung Mass will usually be a little longer.

Expressions of interest in any choir is most welcome. Comments are open.

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