Homeschool Retreat

Being able to sing great Traditional Catholic music is one of the highlights of camp. Masses are roughly half Novus Ordo Masses, half Latin Masses, and both often have a mix of English and Latin music.

And in case it helps, here is the Easter Camp Booklet.

Any special requests, ideas, email:

For the keen beans.

Sheet Music for the Retreat:


Alleluia Round or Canon by William Boyce Printable PDF 1 page

Fr Popplewell’s Tantum Ergo from 2017 Printable PDF 1 page

  • Anyone have a recording of this one?

Non nobis Domine - a round in 3 parts - nice as a finale “Not unto us, Lord, not unto us, but unto Thy Name be the glory” Printable PDF 1 page

Other pieces

The Very Impressive Regina Caeli by Gregor Aichinger Printable PDF 2 pages

The Propers for any Latin Masses Printable PDF about 6 pages - includes Entrance Antiphon, Alleluia, Offertory Antiphon and Communion Antiphon.

  • I have to make a video of these for my choir at Lawson - this would be probably not for many people, and I’ll bring easy versions too as backup.

Missa Lux Origo - Mass 1 - the Gregorian setting for Easter: Printable PDF about 5 pages

  • I thought I’d done a video for this, but I haven’t, so another for the list.

Mass in Re - I have to dig this one up - this was the two part Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus and Agnus Dei which we used quite a bit last year. Fr Laurence Bevenot died in 1990, so this work is still in copyright so I can’t share it here. You can purchase copies at Presto Classical. I’ve placed an order so after camp I’ll hopefully have a better idea which editions are best to buy. Postage is $6.50 for the first piece and $3.30 for each additional piece.

See you there!


Other suggestions :

What We Sang Last Year


  • Mass of St Francis
  • Jesus Christ is Risen Today
  • Jesu Rex Admirabilis
  • Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
  • Alleluia Sing to Jesus


  • Mass 1
  • Crown Him with Many Crowns
  • Alleluia (canon by Boyce)
  • Soul of my Saviour / O Bread of Heaven
  • Bring All Ye Dear Bought Nations


  • Mass in Re
  • Hail Redeemer
  • Jubilate Deo
  • O Filii et Filiae / Regina Caeli
  • Praise My Soul the King of Heaven


  • Mass in Re
  • Firmly I Believe
  • Regina Caeli
  • Sweet Sacrament
  • All Creatures of Our God and King


  • Mass in Re
  • We Stand for God
  • Regina Caeli
  • Tantum Ergo / Soul of my Saviour
  • O Purest of Creatures

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