Mulgoa May, June 2018

Here is the new Sung Mass Schedule for St Mary’s, Mulgoa

A few big feast days coming up:

  • St Joseph the Worker on 1st May
  • Ascension Thursday 10th May
  • Pentecost Sunday 20th May
  • Corpus Christi Thursday 31st May
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Friday 8th June
  • Nativity of St John the Baptist (Do Re Mi Day) Sunday 24th June
  • Sts Peter and Paul Friday 30th June

The above will be celebrated at Mulgoa in addition to all the Sundays.

At Lawson the sung Masses will be:

  • Sunday 6th May (5th Sunday after Easter)
  • Sunday 20th May (Pentecost)
  • Sunday 3rd June (2nd Sunday after Pentecost)
  • Sunday 17th June (4th Sunday after Pentecost)

Maybe we can drum up more singers for Pentecost and do the Veni Creator by Couturier.

God bless,


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