I’m updating the email notifications. I used to use Google Feedburner, which is being retired soon. Now I’m moving over to, and using this post to let you know as I’m not sure how smooth the transition will be. You may get an email with the last ten headlines, but after that it should all work smoothly.

And while I’m here, I’m thinking of having a choir practice 3pm sharp on Sundays. We have some more youngsters interested in singing, and now restrictions are pretty relaxed, we can spread the singing around a bit.

Upcoming sung Masses are:

  • 3rd Sunday after Easter on the 25th April
  • 5th Sunday after Easter - 9th May
  • Pentecost! - 23rd May

So, let’s work towards Pentecost. We have Mass 1 (lux et origo) for all three Masses. Pentecost has two special “Extras”

  1. Veni Creator Spiritus
  2. Veni Sancte Spiritus

Happy Easter Everyone!

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