Corpus Christi 2021

After a rousing Gregorian Chant workshop in Katoomba, I’m hoping to make more music at Lawson.

Next up we have Sunday 6 June, Sunday in the Octave of Corpus Christi. It’s a Low Mass, so we don’t have any propers to learn, so we can dive into the wealth of Eucharistic music.

My big hope is to sing Panis Angelicus in 3 parts. Here is the CPDL page - my score is still top :)

Eucharistic hymns in the hymn books:

  • Godhead herein hiding / Adoro te
  • Ave Verum
  • Sweet Sacrament Divine
  • Jesus My Lord,
  • O Bread of Heaven
  • Soul of my Saviour / Anima Christi
  • O Jesus Christ Remember
  • Come to Me all Ye who Labour
  • Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

So, we could just start at the top and sing ALL OF THEM.

But in reality, we usually pick 4. We can sometimes squeeze in an extra short one at Communion time.

I’ve probably skipped a few there - I’m going from memory, but there are already too many, so probably safer to start with the ones I can remember. The new future hymn books have some more that I’m eager to sing, but I guess that will have to wait till the new books happen.

Plus, it’s the feast of Our Lady Help of Christians transferred today, so there’s a possibility of finishing with James McAuley / Richard Connolly’s hymn Help of Christians.

Okay, working list here:

  • Jesus, my Lord
  • Panis Angelicus a 3
  • Sweet Sacrament
  • Help of Christians.

Though I’d like to sing more Aquinas.

Anyway, backing away now before I change anything more.

We need another soprano singer for Panis Angelicus. Also, need to practise this a good half hour before Mass. Last Sunday the meeting room was free and we took the chance to run through Panis there. This took longer than expected and we were a bit rushed to start Mass.

If Panis isn’t up to scratch, then there’s Adoro Te instead.

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