Lo, How a Rose

Happy Holy Name of Jesus!

I’ve been hoping to sing Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming this Christmas season. This morning we had a bit of a practice, but my earlier version isn’t so clear for the Alto and Tenor voices, as they have some syncopation to fit words around.

So I found this one from CPDL with Lilypond source and happily edited the text to match the English version in our hymnbooks.

And Here Is My New Version.

We’re also aiming to sing Jesu Rex Admirabilis.

UPDATE: Singing Jesu Rex Admirabilis went really well today, but Lo How a Rose was a bit shaky, so I’m saving it for next Sunday’s Sung Mass.

Being a Sung Mass, I needed to put it in Latin, so :

Here is the Latin: Flos de Radíce Jesse

Here is my instructional video for the top melody line:

and here is another choir singing it:

and here’s a very nice version in a church:

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