May Plans

Well, it’s May already.

We had an unplanned Covid experience at the end of April and now we’re back. We just happened to get Covid about the same time as Fr Gilbride. The Last Sunday Mass in April was cancelled.

1 May: St Joseph the Worker

So, the first Sunday of May was 1st May, the feast of St Joseph the Worker and we had a Low Mass.

  • Hail Redeemer
  • Anima Christi
  • Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All
  • Great St Joseph

8 May: 3rd Sunday after Easter

This coming Sunday is the 8th of May, the 3rd Sunday after Easter.

  • Mass 1
  • Credo 1
  • Ave Verum
  • Through the Red Sea

15 May: 4th Sunday after Easter

  • Alleluia Sing to Jesus
  • Veni Creator
  • Sweet Sacrament Divine
  • Hail Queen of Heaven

22 May: 5th Sunday after Easter

  • Changed to a Low Mass due to ill health
  • Praise to the Holiest
  • Alleluia Canon by William Boyce PDF
  • Christus Resurrexit PDF
  • Help of Christians

29 May: Sunday after Ascension

  • O Breathe on me
  • Regina Caeli
  • O Bread of Heaven
  • O Jesus Christ Remember

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