April Plans

Three Sung Masses this month.

I’ve set myself a bit of a high bar with linking to sheet music, so I might not be able to have everything ready all at once, but it’s a first step to put up the skeleton and keep building.

3 April: Passion Sunday

Low Mass - End of Daylight Savings!

10 April: Palm Sunday

  • Mass 17
  • Credo 1
  • Popule Meus - Victoria - or O Crux Ave by David Friel - I purchased copies some years ago. That link goes to a partial recording for learning the middle part - roughly alto. It’s mostly 3 parts for the chorus and splits into 4 for the final. The verses are psalm toned versions of the hymn Vexilla Regis.
  • Lord Jesus Think on Me again - PDF

17 April: Easter Sunday

  • Mass 1
  • Credo 1
  • O Filii et Filiae
  • Alleluia, sing to Jesus

24 April: Low Sunday

  • Mass 1
  • Credo 1
  • Alleluia, canon by William Boyce
  • Through the Red Sea

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