Pentecost 2014

Mass 1 (Missa Lux et Origo) St. Antoine Daniel Kyriale has pdfs and recordings. Credo 1 (as above) Propers: proper introit - see St. René Goupil Gregorian Chant. Unfortunately they don’t have mp3s for Pentecost, but you can find some from Sao Paolo, Brazil. choir to join in Alleluias and the second half of the verse and from sicut erat. Alleluia - using Richard Rice’s arrangement from Simplified Graduale, Major Propers Sequence - Veni Sancte Spiritus - Rene Goupil has two videos for this one Offertory - simplified version from ccwatershed. Communion - Videos and pdf at Rene Goupil above.

3rd Sunday after Easter

Next Sung Mass at Lawson:

Sacred Triduum schedule

[caption id=”attachment_165” align=”alignright” width=”300”]Girraween decked out for Easter Girraween decked out for Easter[/caption]Holy Thursday: 7pm Mulgoa Girraween Good Friday: 10am Stations Girraween 3pm Celebration of the Passion Mulgoa Girraween Easter Vigil: 8pm Mulgoa Easter Sunday: 10am Prospect 11am Lawson

Passion Sunday and Easter Sunday

stmarysAECIt looks like this may be the first year for a while that Parramatta FSSP has low Masses for the Sacred Triduum.

First Sunday of Lent at Lawson

jesusindesertIf we’re keeping on going with the existing plan for a sung Mass once a month at Lawson, next Sunday will be a practice for the first Sunday of Lent.

Sexagesima at Mulgoa

Sunday 23rd February practice from 9.30am, Mass from 10.45am

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany at Lawson

After a refreshing holiday we’re jumping back into a simple sung Mass at Lawson with the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany. This is a time of year when the propers repeat, though they don’t have much chance with Candlemas falling on this Sunday.

Midnight Mass propers

Here’s a quick pdf of the general gist of it:

Second Sunday of Advent

It’s also the feast of the Immaculate Conception, but I think that gets transferred this year.

The End Is Nigh!

Talking about two different occasions here: